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Why medical bracelet IDs?

  • During an emergency, many patients are unable to communicate for themselves.
  • A proper diagnosis in the first few minutes is crucial for adequate treatment and may reduce the long-term effects.
  • During an emergency, the symptoms of common diseases can be easily misdiagnosed.
  • First responders are trained to perform a head to toe check for Medical IDs, most commonly looking for bracelet first.
  • Over 95% of emergency medical staff look for medical identification.
  • Medical ID bracelets help to save time and facilitate access to health information that can save lives.

Why choose Bracelet Medex ® The bracelet that speaks…® ?

  • Stainless steel – anti allergenic
  • Universal medical symbol known by all
  • Expandable links that are easily adjustable (fits all immediately)
  • Possibility of more than one subject on the same bracelet (versatile)
  • Confortable, elegant and attractive
  • Very robust for increased durability
  • Convenient for everyone (not recommended for children 3 years old and under)
  • Affordable price
  • Variety of 30 subjects among the most in demand
  • Fast service of *Custom engraving* on request

How to add a link on Bracelet Medex ® The bracelet that speaks…® ?

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