First, hold the bracelet in the palm of your hand leaving your index finger and thumb free the links will not break! this step will expose the hooks you will use to will use to attach the charms.

Press down firmly with your left hand to hold the links open. For a first time starter bracelet, your startingpointwillbethelastlinkontherightside. Noticethelinkopeningontheleftsideofeach charm. While holding the link open by pressing with your thumb, slide the charm onto the end from bottom to top.

Removing Links: To remove the links, hold the bracelet in your left hand. Allow your index finger and thumb to remain free. Grasp the opposite end of the bracelet and pull outward.

Your hands should be horizontal. Notice the loop on the back of each link where you can hook them on or off of each other.

Using your right hand, slide the charm to the right. Using your right hand, push the right link toward the bottom to remove it from the link. It will slide downward and then off the link.